Allan Adams is a theoretical physicist working at the intersection of fluid dynamics, quantum field theory and string theory.  His latest work uses the physics of black holes to study turbulence in quantum liquids.  He is currently working on disorder in many-body systems and pondering the duality between 2d gauge theories and topological 4-manifolds.  Adams earned his AB from Harvard, his MA from Berkeley and his PhD from Stanford before spending three years at Harvard as a Junior Fellow.  In 2006, Adams moved to MIT where he is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Physics and CTP.


Allan Adams

Associate Professor

MIT Dept. of Physics

Center for Theoretical Physics

77 Mass Ave, 6-405

Cambridge, MA 02139

o: 1.617.253.4866

Recent Projects:

November 2014

MIT 8.04 on OCW

June 2014


April 2014

Phys Rev Lett

April 2014

New England Aquarium

August 2013

and Superfluid Turbulence

Science Magazine

July 2013

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